Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bamboo Scarf

Bamboo Scarf
Odd rows are right-side.

R# (row number)
K# (knit the stitch)
YO (yarn-over)
K2tog (knit 2 together)

R1: CO any odd amt of stitches.
R2: Knit across.
R3 (eyelet row): K1, *YO, K2tog (repeat from * across)
R4: Purl across
R5: Knit across
R6: Purl across.

*begin repeat pattern
R1-4: Knit all rows.
R5: Knit across
R6: Purl across
R7: Knit across
R8: Purl across
R9: Knit across
R10: Purl across

Repeat from * to desired length, then
R1-4: Knit across
R5: Knit across
R6: Purl across
R7 (eyelet row): K1. *YO, K2tog (repeat from * to end of row)
R8: Knit
R9: Bind-off

**The eyelets in this scarf are meant for creating a tasseled fringe. If you don't like having fringes on your scarves, omit the ends and substitute with 4 rows of knitted stitches.

Pictures of this scarf will be posted later. I don't have my camera nor the scarf with me at the moment! ^^

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